Bedroom for princess girl

Because princesses deserve the house, here we leave a selection of bedrooms to sleep well in their castles! advise you on the best distribution, if you have questions

Small child bed mattress 120x60 or 140x70
Baby bed rail castillo.Este shaped model we can do with drawers or doors and the bottom with a low platform bed like this in photography, with drawers available in two heights or other bed with what might be coupled to 3 children / girls in one bed.
There are different colors to choose from and is available in 2 heights, different accessories to attach the rest of the bedroom as cabinets, study tables, chests of drawers

Child / Youth Bedroom module combined with container drawers and smaller drawers with top shelf, single bed available for measuring 90,105 bed and desk cms
Combined lacquered / textured white and lilac ideal for girls or we can do it in other colors, this youth bedroom has a romantic touch for their form and finishes.

Youth bedroom loft bed made up with staircase with drawers on the side, below bed cubes and modules colores.El cabinet has front door methacrylate available in different colors, we study table aside Combined white with shelves above colorfully rojos.Una room for two children / girls

Lacquer Room with a romantic child for their train and air decoracation.Este bedroom is distributed with a comfortable 4 drawers, trundle bed with guardrails, arcon with side opening, shelf above arcon, container drawer modules with shelves and desk with blancas.Este metallic legs as we decorate bedroom can adapt it for babies, boys or girls or for a longer measurement adolescente.Dependiendo you dispongas we can advise you on the best distribution

hope you liked it and you are turning left with an idea, but you can always consult me here some of your questions, I'll be happy to help.


Bedroom Decorating for Men

The dorms or rooms men tend toward a minimalist style that often usually opt for a more personified, free ornaments look. Men have the freedom to show their own taste in home design. Their bedrooms can be sensual and contemporary.

Opt for basic furniture with simple lines and electronic quality fittings tasteful shades of cozy and serene color. This room will become a place of peace and tranquility for a man and holds the company.

The pieces are usually men usually bright colors like black, lead, brown contrasted with light walls or pat in blue or gold, as you can see from the pictures of sleeping men I'm showing you.

Male decor is simple yet elegant turn colors combined excellently, tending to be sober colors such as different shades of gray, with the presence of furniture minimalist style with clean lines, simple shapes, clear spaces, thus forming a harmonious and balanced space, away from disorder and chaos.

If you do not know how to decorate bedrooms for women, here I leave images and tips to keep in mind when decorating a room for men:

- A man bedroom should place great memories. It should include memories of his days of triumph in their sports as football championships glasses or any other sport you participate, hobby, adventure or events in which you participated, and have good memories.

- Should be placed male designs, such as stripes, plaids or geometric designs. I recommend removing the floral designs for bedrooms men.

- Also in the dorms for men should be strong and durable products, such as robust and strong fabrics that work much better in a male stay. Textures such as denin leather including more textures. They are able to give durability and texture that will be befitting a man.

- The furniture must be relative to their size, for example, is a robust, big man put small furniture that is not comfortable for him.

- As for his taste in art, those works of art that he likes more should be used. Such as framing a picture of a road map or frame and hang, or put posters quips football in a box.

- Well, he must decide about the furniture for the bedroom or add objects to include and what not to put, for example, must choose their own chair for reading or watching television.

Then I leave for more images beautifully decorated bedrooms for men:

hope you liked it and you are turning left with an idea, but you can always consult me here some of your questions, I'll be happy to help.



Children's bedrooms, ideas for decorating

One of the areas of the house that's changed are the children's bedrooms. Before birth the baby, the room is prepared and decorated with great care, so today I will give you some tips and ideas to decorate.

 babies room

Within the children's bedroom, today I focus on the babies room, since in recent years there have been many births among my family and friends, starting of course by my house where Leo shows us what improvements

These rooms are very special, as they prepare with great enthusiasm before the baby is born, making them our best wishes. As in all areas there are plenty of styles to decorate, from a classic, more conventional style, the most riotous and modern. I always advise that the baby's room I go in harmony with our lifestyle or at least the style of our house.

Some babies room styles:

As you can see there are different styles for decorating a baby's room, from colorful industrial styles and colors to neutral and conventional, all really cute for your baby.
I tell you as I circulated the room of Leo. You see, I used the yellow color on the main wall and the other walls white. I chose yellow because I think there is a color that brings life, joy, vitality, and the thought was that I wanted to convey to Leo, though any color or combined role works in a child's room. We can find plenty of ideas, I created 3D space before making the room and made different combinations of color, is what has the technology, which always helps.

This is the 3d image of the room before the reform drinks. And here is the real picture of how the room has been read, but still some details that'll change with time and adding missing me.

What must be taken into account when designing and distributing the bedroom of a baby are the areas that will have you and the room is distributed; play area, storage area, sleeping area, the study area is not necessary for the moment so that we can save us.

play area in room

play area in room

A shelf to store books and toys is a good choice to keep the room in order, but we can always add more fun storage space as this cage stuffed animals.

shelf to store books and toys

And this shelf supports-boards always helps to decorate walls with pictures, drawings of child or teddies.

Well that's all for today, hope you liked it and you are turning left with an idea, but you can always consult me here some of your questions, I'll be happy to help.


Beautiful bedroom ideas

A bedroom nightstand artfully arranged can do wonders for sleep and soothing awakenings energized

A bedroom is a very private space. Hotels know this and add a beautifully wrapped chocolate on the bedside table for a personal touch. The bedside table can tell a lot about a person. I love to decorate these spaces because they are very personal. Bedside tables are important because they are the last thing you see when you turn on at night and the first thing you see when you wake up. These small, intimate spaces that represent a visual input, by adding color and texture. At the same time, serve the practical needs, such as holding our clocks and eyeglasses. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles. I have been asked many times about accessories these spaces. Here are some ideas for what I call bullet header or, in simple terms, bedside tables and the things we put in them.

This is the area where you can really make a statement with lamps. I think square screens, round or screens that are 14 inches or less in diameter work best against a wall.

The drawers are always great to store things you need but do not want to get up. I love this detail of alternative lighting instead of a table lamp. A chandelier hanging on each side of the bed provides beautiful symmetry and frees the nightstand for personal gear.

A suspension work as well as a chandelier visually. The light output is lower, though, so I suggest using a hanging lamp in combination with tin lighting. Stacked books look great with colorful binding facing room and are also good for raising the alarm.
This beautiful vignette is perfectly balanced with a lamp, family photos, fresh flowers and a candle. Flowers and candles provide the perfect sleep-inducing aromatherapy.Safety first: Be sure to blow out the candle before you get too much sleep.

A chest of drawers classic serpentine holding a glass lamp, a small sculpture and fresh flowers. Also included here is a small work of art in colors ensueƱo.Arte bedroom does not have to be hung on a pared.Apoyado small works of art on the wall gives a layered look.

A table is a good choice step off the bed, as it allows the surface layers. A lamp, books, art, water and fresh flowers all fall into this versatile piece. Notice how the color of the table step added to the palette of the room.

A small table with a small drawer tray has just enough room for a light color, fresh flowers and a small jewelry box. Any style boxes are ideal for holding earrings and necklaces taken just before bedtime.

This table consists of home night vintage suitcases into blocks. It is a creative and visual triumph for the bags are on the low side, allowing an adjustable lamp and a full view of the basic elements .header fit on a tray that provides a flat surface .

Consider a wall chart for the smallest of spaces. Not enough space for an adjustable lamp, art and an alarm clock.

A beautiful chest of drawers white holding a lamp in the center, a plant on the left and an alarm clock. Observe the Federal style mirror next to the lamp, creating a bullet next to the bed in layers. What's on your nightstand?  Share your style with us in the comments section.

brown can be the main color of your master bedroom designs, it also may be the color of master bedroom textiles, furniture, bed headboard, pillows, accessories, ceiling and bedroom rugs, today we combined to you a collection of master bedroom designs that have examples for these ideas
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master bedroom design ideas in bright colors
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